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 Showtime . . . . Some Guidelines 

Studio Job Descriptions                                                         12/17/08


Lighting: The lighting person sets the stage and prepares for a variety of shots. Be sure that the sky cam and floor lighting is working. The audience will fill in as spots are available on the stage. Encourage variety with some guests seated and others standing.

Stage:  After lighting is completed, the stage risers are arranged with a two level using four 4 x 4's in the back and putting round corners on the ends. This is combined with the 6 x 8 in the middle and round corners at the sides. The rear stage is set with furniture from the upstairs storage. Two chairs, a small table, standing lamp with plants, carpet, and flowers as desired. Larger plants are for the front stage.

Main speakers need lapel microphones so participants look relaxed and flow with the pleasant feeling we want to present. Close attention is placed on the sound board to keep consistent audio levels. One person needs to be dedicated to watching the sound level meter not just listening. This is one of the main problems as people change levels from sentence to sentence, and it is very time consuming and difficult to control in the editing process. Participants should submit CDs where appropriate, and at the beginning and the end, we should pipe music into the studio.

please protect camera by using the tilt lock often. Your hands need to stay on the camera until the tilt lock is on. Pedestal should be unlocked and raised. Operator after panning or trucking should zoom in close at first to set focus. When we see someone moving to walk in front of a camera, stop them. If you can't, tell the director and ask him to switch the camera.

When we have the rear stage, Camera Three takes the lead on the next shot. Tighten shots to miss boom mics, shoes that fall off or mics that are being pulled off stage. Wear headset and suggest to director new possible shots. The director will make sure that all three cameras have different views but in general:  Camera One is on speaker. Camera Two is a full shot. Camera Three is a specialty shot (close up of audience, hands, feet, or object) or tight on the next speaker.

Be aware of which camera light is on. If your camera has not been selected for a while, ask the director if he likes your shot. Give him suggestions as he sees the stage through the eyes of the camera. It is easy to focus on other things and miss the obvious. If you need a break or something, talk to the floor manager. At the close, be sure to turn off headset, lower pedestal, wrap up any miscellaneous chords and park camera.

Each song in a multiple set needs to be treated as a single event for editing purposes. That means the camera shots show individual and variety of angles with all graphics throughout. Shots are sequenced from full body to close up and back again to show the most contrast. Each camera should have a different view to choose from. Overlapping two cameras adds to the program.

Character Generator:
Sits with the director and makes suggestions for camera shots and assists in anyway possible. Updates graphics and suggests appropriate graphic to identify shots and uses graphics to break up long spaces. Credits at the end should be transposed over the stage as all congratulate and share in the joy of Jesus.

Audience Manager
circulates release forms for all to sign only once which is to be filed in small carrier. At end of show, audience manager helps all participants and staff move to center of stage for shaking hands and hugs while music CD plays in the background. All participants should be assisted with exit routes by 6:00 pm.

is to sit on a row of chairs in front of the stage during music, dance and skit performances as allowed. During the teaching time, a row of seats should be across the high part of the stage and two rows at an angle in front of the speaker. Participants need to take chair to sit on and remove it before they leave the stage.

Floor manager
makes sure participants do not walk in front of cameras and suggests good shots for the director. Hand signals are used as listed so everyone knows meanings.


           # of fingers = # of minutes

     30 seconds: Forearms crossed to form an "x".

     15 seconds: A fist raised to head level.

     Speak louder: Cup hand to ear.

Sometimes a stool, chair, or plant helps. If you want to use the teleprompter, email info to Karen Barton at least the day before the show. The floor manager should send for a white light adjustment from the chief technician on stage changes from front to rear.

Testimony Guests:
Think in small segments that can stand alone. A producer may have a ten minute space or just a three minute. Try to summarize showing God's goodness at the conclusion.  Please notify production manager of any special props or sure shots.

Please notify Karen 831-254-8590, if you cannot fulfill your assignment for any reason. Our talk has to match our walk at all times. Since we have just come together in a working relationship in many cases, SCR reserves the right to maintain a godly standard. The pastor reserves the right to change any part of the show as the Spirit leads even in the last minute as we want each production to have God's anointing.

 Suggestions for On-Camera Wardrobe . . . . Looking our Best 

Wardrobe is very important.

a. Do you want to wear casual or formal attire? (Which is most appropriate
for this production?)
b. Solid colors are best. Ideally, wear blues, grays, browns, greens, or earth
c. No blacks, whites, bright colors, or bright reds.
d. Avoid small patterns, such as stripes, tweeds, or herringbone.
e. Avoid clothing made out of shiny fabric.
f. Avoid seasonal clothes, such as green Christmas ties or pumpkin sweaters.
g. Do not wear clothing with large logos, unless you want the logo to show.
h. Keep jewelry to a minimum.
i. Scarves can also cause both video and audio concerns.

Instructions for Musicians                                                Revised  12/17/08



3:00, Joe and Peter let musicians in back entrance of the studio and assist with equipment. Musicians can unload their equipment at the back entrance which is located in the parking lot between 313 Front Street (Salvation Army building) and 325 Front Street (Putney and Perry building).  This parking lot is limited, so you will need to repark your car after unloading your equipment.  The front entrance is also okay if the instruments and equipment are limited. Please limit noise while passing secretary and editing areas. There is metered parking on the street in the front.


3:15 - Musicians park cars and acquaint themselves with the facilities. See map. Please sign Release Form and submit to Audience Manager.


3:30 - Musicians may want to take equipment out of cases in the rear entrance bay area and be ready to advance to stage area. Please move cases into an area on the side as we have many people moving in and out for various jobs. Please do not leave any equipment in the station hall area as many editors and engineers use that area.


3:45 - Musicians set up on stage as it is ready.


3:50 - Musicians on stage for Adam's sound check, check Ron's headset. The audience will be seated in a row of chairs in front of the stage.


3:55 - Ron quiets the set. Cameras focus on three different shots. Sky cam is checked for cords and miscellaneous that may be in the scope of the shot. Please remove any miscellaneous belongings from the stage area. The overhead monitor shows what is going on the tape. Floor Manager signals. The director starts the tape.


4:00 - Worship Title is slide entered on CG to identify worship number and Ron does introduction.


4:01 - Show continues with musicians playing 15-20 minutes until cued by Production Manager to the rear stage. In usual cases, # of fingers = # of minutes, but with the musicians it goes by number of songs. When it gets down to three or four minutes, the band will do one more song.


4:20 - The testimony will take place at the rear set up without cutting the tape. The musicians quietly exit the stage, removing microphones, music stands, and instruments. The dancers and skit people quietly take their places on the front stage.


Parking: The rear entrance has four parking spaces for the studio but they are not for us to use. The station is busy with other members, etc. Best parking is behind Taco Bell with three hours of free parking and I don't think it is monitored on Sundays. Like mentioned above, there is metered  parking on the street in the front.


If you would like a DVD of your performance, be sure that Adam or Karen have the contact information. If there is another show planned for your group, we may want to put them together. We are all very busy during the taping, and we may not be able to thank you personally for you great performance. God bless you and again thanks.



Santa Cruz Revival
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