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Dear Interested Prospective Partner:


We are writing to introduce Coffee for Christ d.b.a. Santa Cruz Revival ("SCR"), a nonprofit

Christian organization concerned with the homeless, near homeless, and

marginalized of Santa Cruz County, California. We believe SCR fits your grant

program's criteria, and would like you to consider it for a grant proposal.


Santa Cruz County's Homeless Population is growing. The 2006 census indicated that

2.1% of the general population was homeless. The SC County Homeless Service

Center's 2007 statistics show that 15 percent of the County's population was seeking

homeless services; that 4,563 persons were receiving homeless dental care services, and

that the homeless shelters were housing 2,789 persons per night.1 In April 2008, the City

Council admitted in public meeting that each night 1000 to 1200 persons were sleeping

outside in bushes or hidden camps.2 We expect the 2010 Census to confirm what we

know; the homeless population in Santa Cruz, as it is across the Nation, has grown

significantly during the economic downturn.


SCR's Bylaw directive is a mission to feed, shelter, and administer to Santa Cruz

County's homeless and needy. The present objectives of SCR are several, and are taking


Food Bank Ministry: Each week SCR provides food and ministry:

* Homeless Youth Night at Calvary Episcopal Church provides a Bible study,

prayer, socialization along with and a full hot meal - Monday nights.

* Circle Church Dinner and Food Distribution -- Tuesday evenings. This program

is currently in process.3

* Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, water and various drinks, chips, cookies or fruit

distribution, along with personal need items -- e.g., socks, toothbrushes, etc. --

Thursday evenings.

* Saint Philip's Episcopal Church's Food Pantry -- Distribution of grocery bag



Agape Manna: directed by Ron Scadina, is the organizational arm of SCR and

manages food distribution. Agape Manna makes sure that insurance, drivers, and other

practical or legal requirements are in place.


House of Grace Coffee Shop: This non-profit coffee shop is just off the ground with a

location in downtown Santa Cruz. We will open the coffee shop in Winter of 2013 to

provide an environment where homeless, near homeless, and marginalized individuals

can receive coffee, tea, food, and chess club, as well as Christian ministry, counseling,

prayer referrals, job training and placement assistance, basic health necessities, and

groceries. This location gives SCR a visible footprint in Santa Cruz.


One Step At A Time Alcohol and Drug Counseling: SCR is establishing a faith-based

alcohol and drug 12-step recovery program. In partnership with Son Beam Ministries,

SCR has hired Gigi Codman, a certificated alcohol recovery counselor and Christian

counselor as Program Director. Gigi is training 15 counselors in 12-step process. SCR is

coordinating with the Calvary Episcopal Church and St. Philips Episcopal Church to

provide 12-step classes at church facilities.5 This program will provide life-improvement

skills and discipleship training in addition to recovery assistance.


Media Street Church: Under the guidance of Pastor Ron Scadina, SCR Street Church

has ministered to Santa Cruz's homeless community for 10 years. Street Church has

been televised since 2008 through Community TV ("CTV") at 816 Pacific Garden Mall,

SC. "Reality Church" produced by Karen Barton, SCR Associate Pastor, is a 30-minute

TV series airing each Sunday morning at 9:30 on Comcast Channel 27 and Charter

Channel 73.8 CTV affords scholarships and encourages internships for production

training. In this manner, CTV provides job training and develops a trained production

team at a reduced cost.


"AAA": This coffee distribution business is a subsidiary of AAA Inc., d.b.a.

AAA Coffee, Vending and Espresso Systems ("AAA"), founded and owned by Mr.

Scadina. Coffee for Christ funds SCR and its ministries. Additionally, AAA employs


several men in recovery, providing job training and skills in coffee distribution. On June


17, AAA secured a 2.5-ton "UPS" style van for deliveries made by Coffee for Christ

d.b.a. SRC through its Food Bank and Victory Outreach ministries.


Shortfall Grant Proposal: While AAA funds Coffee SCR's ministries there is a

shortfall of monies and a growing need for the food, housing, and Christian counseling

services provided by SCR to Santa Cruz County's homeless and hungry. We are looking

for shortfall grants, and would like to provide you with a specific grant proposal.

The model that SCR follows is one taught by Jesus: The corporal body must be fed and

then the soul.9 SRC would like to increase its ability to supply food; place homeless

persons in housing; provide faith-based 12-step counseling; Bibles, prayer, job training

and placement to the marginalized communities of Santa Cruz County.

We look forward to your response, and encourage you to contact us with questions or a

request for compliance with your Program's application process.


Sincerely and with hope,

Ron Scadina, Senior Pastor, President and Board Chair of Santa Cruz Revival, Inc.


1 Santa Cruz Sentinel, "Santa Cruz Counts Its Homeless", Jan. 27, 2009, by Jessica Lussenhop, found at

2 This statistic does not include those sleeping in homeless facilities.

3 The Circle Church Food Ministry is in the organizational phase. Regular Tuesday night meals will

4 Thursday Evening distribution is at Borders Book Store, Front Sidewalk, downtown Santa Cruz.

Tuesday Evening distribution is at the Circle Church, 111 Errett Ave, Santa Cruz, California. St. Philip the

Apostle Episcopal Church, 5271Scotts Valley Drive, Scotts Valley, CA, Food Pantry Distribution, 10:00

a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Mon. - Fri., weekly.

5 Calvary Episcopal Church, 532 Center Street, Santa Cruz; St. Philips Episcopal Church, 5271 Scotts

Valley Dr., Scotts Valley, CA.

7 Santa Cruz Sentinel, "Santa Cruz Counts Its Homeless," May 10, 2010, found at

8 SCR began archiving content for "Reality Church" TV in 2007.

9 "What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? Can faith save

him? If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food, And one of you say unto them, Depart in

peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the

body; what doth it profit?" (King James Bible, James 2:14-16.)

Support this Ministry 
If you have a burden to bless the poor, we serve food every Thursday in front of Borders at 3:30PM on the Pacific Garden Mall in downtown Santa Cruz, California. We also have need to rent a store front for our ministry. Please contact us with food or financial donations as follows:

Santa Cruz Revival
P.O. Box 1893
Capitola, CA 95010
Phone: 831-465-0616

Or submit your contact information below, and we will contact you.

Santa Cruz Revival
150 Felker Street # A

Santa Cruz, Ca. 95062
Phone: 831-818-5783