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 Testimony Tips 

Goals for Testimonies                                                        Rev, 11/26/08

ü       Effort to maximize God's magnificent character.

ü       Model 700 Club testimonies, and realize we can always improve.

ü       Narrow the scope of the story to produce effectiveness of testimony.

ü       Where possible, personalize the taping for a local Santa Cruz audience.

ü       Include the word of our testimony where many churches avoid testimonies.


Tips for Testimonies and moderator.



  1. Work on programming in advance. Try to arrange the person and the planning sessions one to two months in advance. Get the testimony approved and added to the production calendar. Also schedule a practice session.
  2. Share plans with core team via email. Let the team know the type of healing/deliverance so the taping can have unity. This allows the team to have regular input and a theme for the taping can emerge.
  3. Plan a joint prayer time. During this time both parities can realize the significance of the testimony and pin point God's purpose for the story at this particular time.
  4. Plan a time for field video clips. In home pre-video footage enhances what God does on the street and in the studio. A home or business shot gives more credibility to the story. Perhaps old snap shots or x-rays would help.
  5. Summarize God's goodness. The moderator should introduce the testimonee with a clear one sentence statement of what the testimony is about and a similar statement for a conclusion. The moderator tells the audience what they are going to hear. The testimonee tells the story and the moderator tells the audience what they heard.
  6. Basic Outline Guide--Each story should cover these points. 1.) Human Weakness  2.) Blieved Lie  3.) Human Plan   4.) God's Intervention  5.) Redemption   6.) Mission for the future.
  7. Divide testimony into parts. Many times it is difficult for the testimonee to look at his/her whole life and pick out 10 minutes worth of story. Together the moderator and the testimonee can agree on four or five major points. Each point would receive approximately two minutes which is easier to manage. The moderator will use these as guide posts to keep the testimony on track by asking questions to get a fuller answer.
  8. Do what it takes to tend to the needs of the testimonee. Always remember that guests are not acquainted with our stage, studio, or practices. They need to know basic signals. No gum chewing.



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